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Plastic Connectors Tackle High Voltages

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Two new cylindrical connectors are housed in a rugged plastic push-pull housing for medical electronics and instrumentation. One connector, the PC Size 2, contains one high-voltage and four signal contacts (see photo), while the other, the PC Size 3, has six high-voltage contacts. Both have had their high-voltage contacts tested at 5,000 Vac. For the PC Size 2 connector, the 1.3 mm diameter high-voltage contact has a solder cup for AWG 20 wire and is rated at 14 A, while the 0.7 mm diameter signal contacts accept AWG 24/26 wire and are rated at 7 A. For the PC Size 3 connector, the 1.3 mm diameter crimp contacts accommodate AWG 20/22 wire and are rated at 10 A. Both connectors meet applicable IEC standards for creepage and air gap and are suitable for use in defibrillators and other applications where high-voltage, light weight, non-magnetic and touch-proof features are primary concerns. ODU-USA INC., Camarillo, CA. (805) 484-0540.

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