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Plastic Enclosures Made Larger

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The latest product in the DC series, the DC-85, measures 8.25" x 5.00" x 4.00", making it the largest unit in this line of plastic enclosures. It offers 165 in.3 of space for electronics and can take on brawny designs with its thick walls. The DC-85 has UL's highest flame rating of 94-5VA. There are eight internal mounting bosses in the base, plus eight in the case. An optional gasket can be used to keep out moisture and dust. And two cover styles--flush and smooth--are available. The DC-85 design accommodates printed graphics or overlays and composite touch pads. And it is molded from lightweight, impact-resistant ABS plastic. Pricing starts at $7.47 each/500. POLYCASE, Avon, OH. (800) 248-1233.

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