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PLC Sports Built-In Autotuning And PID Features

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Employing a RISC-based processor with a 0.04-ms/K execution time and a 10-ms update speed PID, FP10SH PLCs can perform more than 128 autotuning or PID calculations simultaneously, which makes it well-suited for fast applications such as pressure or speed control. Built-in PID functions use floating point math to minimize calculation error without requiring additional software or hardware. Overhead time is between 0.27 and 0.42 ms, including I/O refresh, communications services and self-diagnostics. Typical scan time, including ADD, SUB, MULTI, DIV, MV and COMPARE is approximately 0.06 ms/K. With a 10K program, scan time is about 0.8 to 1.1 ms. This 64-input unit includes more than 3000 1-ms resolution timers, more than 450 built-in instructions, floating point math, an IC card for program and data storage, a broadcasting network, Ethernet connectivity, three-axis motion control, temperature inputs, and bumpless RUN time edit. FP10SH PLCs come with 30K or 60K data memory as standard, with an additional 90K available on an expansion card.

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