Electronic Design
Plug-and-Play Library Eases Algorithm And Data-Path Design

Plug-and-Play Library Eases Algorithm And Data-Path Design

Promoting rapid, predictable specification for optimal power, timing, area, and throughput, the Pipelined Architecture Composers library (PAClib) embarks as the industry’s first parameterized, plug-and-play building block library for specifying, modeling and synthesizing algorithm and data-path designs. It consists of a set of standard pipeline building blocks, user parameterized by computational functions, structures, buffering, and data types. With complete transparency and control of architectures, PAClib enables the rapid creation of a single algorithm specification that can generate different micro-architectures for rapid architectural exploration. Correct control logic is automatically generated for each micro architecture. For further information, call Bluespec Inc., Waltham, MA. (781) 250-2200.
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