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Plug-In Connector Family Gains Insulation-Piercing Members

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A fourth, insulation-displacement series has been added to the popular Combicon family of plug-in connectors. The three existing series are based on threaded, spring-loaded and crimped connection techniques, with the new IDC series capable of being combined with standard housing plug-in connectors having 5.08 pitch contacts. The connectors are rated for a nominal voltage of 300V up to 10A and have from 2 to 16 pins and can accept up to 16 AWG size wires. The insulation-piercing technique permits the insulated conductors to be connected in the shortest of assembly times and without the need for tooling. Time-consuming steps in wiring are thus saved. The integrated terminal insertion fixture feeds the conductor all the way in and the V-shaped pin pierces the insulation to make contact with the conductor.

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