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Plug Converts Sensors into Timers and Speed Monitors

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Extending the functions of sensors, the SmartPlug control component plugs into a sensor or switch and adds functions such as timing, counting, output converting, and speed monitoring. Approximately 2" in length, the component connects to quick-disconnect-style sensors between the cable and the sensor. Programming is achieved via a teach-input device available from the company. The component is available in four functions: inverter, timer, counter and speed monitor. The inverter converts a PNP input signal to NPN, or vice versa, as well as inverts the function from NO to NC. The timer is programmable with a range of 1 ms to 65s and the counter is programmable to count pulses or intervals with a number output from 0 to 65,535. The speed monitor is programmable for over- or under-speed rotation monitoring with a frequency range of 0.015 Hz to 1 kHz. After programming, the output is activated if the speed changes by 5%. For price, contact TURCK INC., Minneapolis, MN. 800-544-7769.

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