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Plug-&-Play Battery Enters Distributed Power & Wireless Marts

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Based on Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) VRLA technology whose calcium grids are claimed to offer long life operation, as well as a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to selenium or cadmium grids, Independence PL Series batteries are said to provide the first true plug-and-play industrial battery on the market, with application targeted at distributed power and wireless systems. The new front termination VRLA batteries are designed to offer fast, foolproof and safe installation by eliminating the need for users to attach connectors and bolts, thereby helping to reduce the risk of improper installation. The PL-110, a 110 Ah battery, has the same footprint as 100 Ah products on the market, while the PL-140, a 140 Ah battery, offers one of the highest power densities available in the industry. And the batteries are made with a flame-retardant jar and cover for greater safety.

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