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PMC Module Accelerates Industrial Automation

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Said to provide optimal throughput for industrial automation applications, the PMC245 PCI mezzanine card (PMC) comes with an Infineon DSCC4 intelligent, DMA-based serial controller with integral quad 128 x 32-bit transmit/receive FIFO buffers. Each of the card's four channels is software configurable for RS-232, -422, and -485 and supports up to 2 Mb/s asynchronous or 10 Mb/s synchronous data rates. Interconnections are made on the front panel via a 50-pin D-sub connector and an optional adapter cable provides a breakout to four D-sub 9 connectors. Other features include support for extended temperature ranges and optional rear-I/O capabilities. Software support includes Windows NT 4.0/Embedded NT, VxWorks, and QNX with Linux support available upon request. Pricing starts at $400. PEP MODULAR COMPUTERS, INC., Pittsburgh, PA. (412) 921-3322.

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