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Polymer Rechargeable Cells Come In Ultra-Thin Sizes

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Two standard-size models of the ultra-light Ultralife Polymer series of solid-polymer, lithium-ion batteries have been developed for use in portable products produced by manufacturers of wireless communications, computing, medical, security, military and aerospace products. Cell model UBC443483 is 4.4 mm thick, weighs 21.5 grams and has a rated capacity of 725 mAh, while model UBC543483 is 5.4 mm thick, weighs 26 grams and is rated at 930 mAh. Both cells measure 83 mm long and 334 mm wide, with the firm reporting that at these dimensions it can produce polymer cells less than 1 mm thick.
Other features of the batteries include: a nominal voltage of 3.8V, with a range of between 4.15V and 3.0V; a life of less than 300 cycles at C/2 to 80% of initial capacity; a self-discharge rate of less than 10% per month; and an operating temperature range of -20°C to +60°C. The polymer cells are also said to be free of any toxic metals. Price of the polymer rechargeable cells is $9 to $15 each, depending on cell size and quantity.

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