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Port Converter Reconfigured With Switch

Through use of a built-in DIP switch, the K2 port-powered RS-232-to-RS-422/RS-485 converter can be configured as RS-232-to-RS-422 or RS-232-to-RS-485 for either 2- or 4-wire applications and with or without fixed drivers. In addition to saving on stocking different converters, the new port converter also eliminates the need for an external power source as it taps the RS-232Õs RTS line for the miniscule 2 mA it requires.The DIP switch offers auto-drive enable baud rate-compatibility from 1.2 kb/s to 115 kb/s. Further, a second unit, the K2-ADE, has a precision timing switch for enabling and disenabling the output driver, according to the presence or absence of RS-232 data. Prices: K2, $69; K2-ADE, $99. For more details, contact Alan Lowne at SAELIG CO., Victor, NY. (716) 425-3753.

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