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Portable Bus Analyzer Handles Ultra3 SCSI

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Touted as the most portable SCSI analyzer available at just 7.25" x 4" x 1.2", the SV-8160 supports SCSI Ultra 160/m and Ultra3 specifications. Compact in size, the notebook-based analyzer offers a 4-ns resolution for all signals with double transition clocking for data transfers, a standard eight-million-event capture buffer, and a new graphical user interface for Windows and Windows NT. Capture can be streamed to disk for hours, even days, to trap intermittent problems.With the concurrent release of the firm's 4.01 SCSI-View analysis software, the line of analyzers now offers greater ease in the sharing of data, printing, multi-tasking and even remote access and control. Hardware is field upgradable via the firm's web site. The analyzer is priced at $7995.

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