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Portable IC Testers Feature Extensive Built-In Test Libraries

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Extensive built-in test libraries are inherent in this pair of handheld, battery-powered IC testers. Both the Model 570 linear IC and Model 575 40-pin digital IC testers are suited for use in the field or lab to identify or test any IC that is listed in the unit's integrated test library. Both units also provide pin-out information of the tested ICs.The Model 570 linear tester is compact and requires no fixturing or programming. The user simply plugs in the IC, keys in its part number or uses the Auto Detect features, and the unit completes the test. It tests all common analog ICs from op amps to special function devices.The Model 575 digital IC tester is a rugged, compact unit that can be used to test a wide variety of digital ICs. Its large, built-in device library includes a broad range of TTL, CMOS, memory, LSI, and other devices of up to 40 pins.

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