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Power Amps Deliver 100A Output In Short Pulses

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Said to break power barriers for chip-and-wire hybrid devices, the PA50 and PA52 power amplifiers have a current rating of 40A continuous and can deliver an output of 100A in pulses of 1 to 3 ms. Both devices provide a power bandwidth of 400 kHz, a slew rate of 50 V/µs, and can operate at voltages as low as 10V. The PA50 can operate on 100V and the PA52 on 200V. The power amps also feature boost-voltage pins, which allows the small signal portion to operate at a higher voltage than the high current output stage. The higher voltage allows the output to swing the supply close to the rail, increasing efficiency.
Target applications for these potent hybrids include semiconductor testing equipment and industrial controls. In single-unit quantities, a 40A PA52 costs $300 and the PA50 is $264. They are also available with a rated output of 50A, the PA52A costing $390 and the PA50A priced at $343.

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