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Power Cords And Cordsets Readied For Brazilian Market

Power cords and cordsets are now available with 10-A 046 plugs for the Brazilian market. The power cord has the Brazil 10-A plug, HAR cable, and stripped conductors. The cordset has the Brazil 10-A plug, HAR cable, and either a straight connector or one of five angled IEC 60320 C13 connectors. Standard lengths of the cords are available from stock, and there is a one-week manufacturing lead time on custom lengths. Applications include equipment designed for business, consumer, or testing in Brazil. These cords and cordsets meet the new Brazilian NBR14136 plug standard. This standard requires implementation of a new plug configuration throughout Brazil. Equipment sold into Brazil must use the new plug beginning on January 1, 2010. Before this date a customer is allowed to use either the new design or one of the current plug configurations used in Brazil. Same day air shipments are available for stock item orders received by 6:00 p.m. CST. There’s a one week manufacturing lead-time. INTERPOWER CORP., Oskaloosa, IA. (800) 662-2290.


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