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Power Distribution Systems Address 1U/ZeroU Mounting

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Designed for either 1U or ZeroU mounting, the TPC4100 series power distribution systems provides 20A or 30A, three-phase WYE power input with distribution to 12 single-phase outlets rated 15A or 20A at either 120V, 240V or a combination of the two. The systems are housed in industrialized, 16-gauge steel chassis measuring 19" x 9.5" x 1.75". The TPC4100-A2 provides a 20A input with 5-20R outlets and the TPC4100-B has a 20A input with 6-15R outlets. The TPC4100-AB and -C systems both have 30A inputs with 6-15R and 5-15R outlets, respectively. Depending on model and features, single-unit prices range from $809 to $987 each. PULIZZI ENGINEERING INC., Santa Ana, CA. (800) 870-2248.

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