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Power-IC Model Library Sees Expansion

Version 2.0b of AEi Systems’ Power IC Model Library for the Cadence PSpice simulator is now available from EMA Design Automation. Version 2.0b contains over 200 time-domain simulation models for power electronic designs. Several previously unavailable Texas Instruments (TI) models debut in version 2.0b, and future updates are anticipated to focus on many of TI’s newest and most popular components.

Today’s switch-mode power-supply designs require increases in power-IC functionality, switching frequency, and system interaction. State space-based models simply don’t reveal many important nonlinear factors that influence these performance characteristics.

The models in the Power IC Model Library enable designers to perform high-speed, cycle-by-cycle simulations to show true large-signal performance, simulate current-mode control using the latest accurate modeling techniques. They can also run CCM and DCM converter simulations, generate line and load step responses, and measure power-stage loss and stress analysis for all major components.

The models in the Power IC Model Library are compared and verified with bench data under startup, steady-state, line, and load transient conditions. Nonlinear characteristics such as propagation delay, switching speed, drive capability, maximum duty-cycle/current limits, and startup phenomena are all accurately modeled. Designers can directly compare the performance of components from various vendors and analyze the effects of different implementations, including peak current-mode control, hysteric current control, low voltage, and low operating current, to name just a few.

Some of the Power IC Model Library’s newly-added models incorporate recent PSpice improvements, such as increased speed for simulating math equations and “if-then-else” constructs that are used throughout the model library. With this enhancement, speed increases of 10 to 40% for power-supply simulations are possible.

The Power IC Model Library incorporates model netlists in PSpice syntax, schematic symbols for both Cadence OrCAD Capture and legacy schematics, and a set of example application circuits for many of the IC models. The models are compatible with all past versions of the PSpice simulator, as well as the latest OrCAD Capture version 9.x, 10.x, and 16.0 software.

The price of version 2.0b of the library is $1995, plus yearly maintenance of $495.

EMA Design Automation


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