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Power Outlets Offer A Higher Level Of Safety

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With a new feature to protect against shock from otherwise exposed contacts, the new 4721 and 4723 shuttered outlets prevent the ingress of dust and dirt into the unit. The plastic slides cover the line and neutral contacts. The shutter's movement allows access to the contact pins when the plug is inserted and when the plug is removed, the shutters spring back immediately to cover the contacts. Outlets are available in both screw-on (Type 4721) and snap-in (Type 4723) versions. Type 4723 fits panel thicknesses ranging from 1.0 to 3.0 mm. They conform to IEC/EN60320-2-2/F Class I + II types, and are VDE 10A/250VAC and cUL 15A/250VAC approved. They are available with up to six on a strip. Pricing for the single unit 4721 and 4723 starts at $1.67/100.

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