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Power Supplies Simulate Battery Performance

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Enabling wireless device manufacturers to test their products under the most realistic conditions possible, the Models 2302 single-channel battery simulator and 2306 dual-channel battery simulator/charger emulate the performance of a wireless-device-powering battery. The power supplies feature a variable output impedance to enable the voltage to perform like a battery. They can simulate different types of batteries, as well as low battery output resistances.The second channel of the Model 2306 allows power transfers from the unit's battery channel to its charger channel while keeping the device-under-test (DUT) powered. The combination of a battery simulator and charger provides accurate simulation of the switch from low-battery condition to charger during testing without turning off the DUT.Other features include the ability to measure load currents, sink 3A on the battery channel, and measure dc voltage up to 30V.

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