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Power Supply Test System Speeds Design Verification

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Based on a modular IEEE488/RS-485/RS-232 design concept, the 8000 series power supply test system promises to deliver state-of-the-art test and diagnostics for all power-test applications. The system relies on an open architecture software environment that offers ease of programming and fast test times.
Called PowerPro, the software allows users to define pre and post tests and optimize the program for both high-speed batch testing and in-depth failure analysis. Via a LabWindows-like virtual instrument panel, it integrates industry-leading digital oscilloscopes and the system supports over 100 DMMs, loads, sources and other instruments from other companies. Available hardware components include ac sources from single-phase 500 VA to three-phase 6 kVA per phase and dc sources up to 600V, 350A and 6 kW. Loads up to 500V are available and load modes include constant current, voltage, resistance, power and short circuit. Price varies depending on configuration and delivery time is from four to eight weeks ARO.

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