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Power Transducers Monitor Electrical Loads

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Designed specifically to monitor electrical loads, the CR6200 series of power transducers comes in three different styles for measuring single- and three-phase systems for active or reactive power. The transducers are calibrated for 60 Hz at levels up to 50A and 500V. The devices monitor ac power and produce a calibrated 4-20 mA dc or 0.5V dc output signal. They operate over frequency ranges of 20 Hz to 5 kHz and are fully isolated between input and output with a maximum response time of 250 ms. A unique design feature allows mounting of the power transducers on 35-mm DIN rails, or the transducers can be surface-mounted with #5 screws. The transducers are calibrated to ±0.5% accuracy at 60 Hz. Case size is 2.9" high x 1.42" wide.

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