Pact Streamlines IGBT Footprint For HEVs

Fuji-Fig-APCIM 2012 Nuremberg, Germany: Automotive IGBT power modules will use the Infineon HybridPACK 2 as its footprint, according to an agreement reached between Fuji Electric and Infineon. In response to the need for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) power-module supply security, Infineon and Fuji agreed on the size of the module, the position of pin-outs, the use of the pin-finned copper baseplate, and other mechanical features.

Infineon developed its HybridPACK 2 power modules for the direct liquid-cooled systems often used in hybrid vehicles and electrical vehicles. According to the company, HybridPACK 2 modules offer the industry’s smallest footprint at the given high power density.

Today’s electronic control systems for full hybrid cars and electrical vehicles equal the size of two standard shoeboxes, weighing an average of 30kg. A system employing HybridPACK 2 power-module technology occupies about one-third that size and weighs approximately 20 kg. The pin-finned copper baseplate helps boost thermal performance and reliability.

The modules are now available in high volume. Fuji power modules with the HybridPACK 2 footprint are expected in 2013.

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