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Preamp Family Breaks The 1 Gb/s Data Rate Barrier

A new generation of hard disk drive differential read/write preamplifiers can support a maximum data rate of 1.6 Gb/s, a 60% increase over competing devices, according to the company. The key differentiating factor for the new SR1790 preamp family is a second-generation controlled impedance writer design that provides sub-200 ps writer current rise time while maintaining best-in-class power efficiency and supporting the latest generation of advanced giant magneto-resistive (GMR) heads. The family includes three devices: the SR1798, which is the most advanced with its faster writer extending the preamp data rate to 1.6 Gb/s, and the SR1790 and SR1795, which are optimized for 800 Mb/s to 1Gb/s applications. Users may select either voltage or current bias for their GMR heads to match design requirements. The devices support a wide range of GMR head resistance depending on the performance selected, ranging from 80_ for theSR1790 to 150__ for the SR1798. The 4- and 8-channel SR1790 are available as solder bumped flip-chip, with pricing for the 8-channel model at $14.89 each/100. Call for pricing on the other models. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (214) 480-7487.

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