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Probes Help Analyzers View PCI Bus Activity, And More

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Designed to work in conjunction with Agilent Technologies' logic analyzers, the FS2007 PCI-X Bus Passive Analysis Probe and Extender and the FS2105 PCI-X Bus Active Analysis Probe (pictured) allow designers to make sophisticated digital measurements of PCI-X-based systems. They allow the analyzers to view PCI bus activity, measure set-up and hold violations, characterize software, verify compliance, and measure performance specifications, all at the maximum bus speed of 133 MHz.
The FS2105 functions as a state/timing analysis card and includes sophisticated protocol violation detection circuitry, while the FS2007 functions as both a 133-MHz PCI-X Bus extender card and a state/timing analysis card. In addition, the FS2105 can detect more than 50 protocol violations.
The cards work with the logic analyzers to provide both the analysis execution engine and the user interface. Price: $4,000 for the FS2007 and $7,900 for the FS2105.

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