Electronic Design

Program 16-Bit Microcontroller With Embedded C++

Developers using Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA's M16C microcontroller can now use Embedded C++ (EC++), courtesy of Tasking's M16C Software Development Toolset V2.1. The compiler in the toolset can follow the MISRA C guidelines to prevent the use of error-prone C constructs.

EC++ has gained ground, especially on smaller platforms like the M16C. That's because EC++ provides an object-oriented development environment without the overhead of less-used C++ features, like multiple inheritance.

The M16C Software Development Toolset V2.1 is available now. It runs on Windows, Solaris, HP/UX, and PC/Linux. Pricing for the compiler and CrossView Pro simulator package starts at $2590.

Altium Inc., 333 Elm St., Dedham, MA 02026-4530; (781) 320-9400; fax (781) 320-9212; www.altium.net.

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