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Programmable ASICs Require No Mask Fabrication

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The RaptorEx product family features logic density of up to 1.7M equivalent ASIC logic gates with 608 Kb of embedded configurable SRAM and four analog PLLs. Based on a module array architecture, the RaptorEx CX4000 family offers a variety of I/O types, including CMOS, TTL, PCI, USB, GTL, differential inputs and LVDS. The product supports full-scan ATPG. Power dissipation is 0.25 µW/MHz/gate and offers mixed I/O voltage of 3.3V and 2.5V with 2.5V for the core. The worst case SRAM cycle time is 500 MHz. The mid-point family member has 384 Kb of embedded SRAM and 500K equivalent ASIC logic gates. NRE charges are application-dependent.

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