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Protocol Suites Ease Internet Link Integration

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For software developers who are constantly faced with the challenge of integrating their real-time applications with a diverse set of protocols, the RTXCnet protocol suite is a homogeneous set of scalable resources based on industry standards. It offers powerful, flexible and fast network components for quick-turn networking.In its full implementation, RTXCnet includes TCP, IP, UDP, SNMP, PPP, SLIP, HTTP, FTP and DHCP protocols. It allows RTXC to operate as a full peer on TCP/IP networks using Ethernet (IEEE 802) or serial line (SLIP or PPP) connections. As a result, developers can use RTXC from remote systems, transfer files, exchange mail, merge file systems with both client and server services, and write socket applications. Web access is available to embedded applications using HTTP with the RTXCweb component of RTXCnet.The software is royalty-free. Host platforms include Windows 95/NT.

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