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PSoC IDE Integrates Power Monitoring, Fan Control

PSoC-ASan Jose, Calif., USA: Component Pack 3 for Cypress’ PSoC Creator IDE includes functions for power monitoring and fan control. The new functions can be dragged-and-dropped into existing PSoC devices.

The power-monitor component facilitates voltage and current measurements on power rails. Up to 32 dc power rails can be monitored using a PSoC 3 device at 0.5% accuracy. The power monitor simplifies the complex configuration of the ADC, clock frequencies, resolutions, and ranges by abstracting the underlying analogue front end and firmware code into a simple GUI. System designers need only enter voltage and current ranges into this GUI and click the “build” button. Within minutes, they can start measuring power rails, according to the company.

The new fan controller allows for independent control of up to 16 three- and four-wire brushless dc fans through a simple GUI. The fan controller generates PWM outputs for fan speed control, and accepts variable-frequency tachometer inputs from the fans to enable measurement of fan rotational speeds. This component also comes with advanced fan-control algorithms that reduce fan noise and regulate speed.

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