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PWM Controller ICs Require Low Levels Of Current

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Eight new pulse width modulation (PWM) controller ICs are available for switch mode power supplies and dc-to-dc converters. Improvements to the BiCMOS IMP38C4x and IMP38HC4x devices include zero cross-conduction/shoot-through current, reduced start-up and operating current, improved under-voltage lockout and lower current-sense delay times. The ICs are fixed frequency, high performance, current-mode PWM controllers that are pin compatible with bipolar and BiCMOS 384x devices. Designed to give full rail-to-rail gate drive to large power MOSFETs, the high-drive IMP38HC4x family is rated at 1.0A peak current drive. The IMP38C43/45, IMP38HC43/45 devices are often used in dc/dc converter applications. Like conventional 384x controllers, the IMP38C4x and IMP38HC4x controllers use the current-mode architecture for superior load regulation, pulse-by-pulse current limiting and output MOSFET protection. Pricing for the PWM controller ICs begins at $0.75 each/1,000.

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