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PXI/CPCI System Integrates Real-Time Programming App

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A data acquisition and control system based on PXI/CPCI and the company's graphical programming environment, LabVIEW RT, allows users to develop their high-speed real-time data-acquisition, control, test, and discrete and process-control applications on a standard Windows PC. Once embedded, LabVIEW RT applications acquire analog and digital I/O from the systems acquisition and signal-conditioning modules in the chassis.
The PXI controller designed for the application is compatible with all current PXI systems. Current PXI system users can transform their existing Windows-based PXI controller into and embedded, real-time engine with an upgrade to LabVIEW RT. An embedded PXI controller preinstalled with the software is also available.
Pricing for the LabVIEW RT development system starts at $3495, the upgrade starts at $1495, and the RT PXI/CPCI embedded controller starts at $3895.

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