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Pyxis Technology, Silicon Canvas Set Interoperability Milestone

The dream of true EDA-tool interoperability—meaning simultaneous execution of two commercial tools within the same Unix process—has long eluded tool users, unless, of course, you’re talking about tools integrated as a proprietary combination from the same vendor.

Thus, the news from Pyxis Technology and Silicon Canvas of an OpenAccess-based integration of Pyxis’s NexusRoute router and Silicon Canvas’s Laker layout suite comes as a welcomed announcement. Using the OpenAccess Run-Time-Model (OA-RTM), the two vendors have been able to tightly integrate their tools, with both running in the same Unix process. After a design is loaded, users can move throughout the design hierarchy making design changes and then incrementally re-routing the design.

Because the two tools are literally sharing the same in-memory structures in the same process, all changes made by one tool are instantly recognized by the other tool. There is no need to save the design to a disk drive and then load it into the other tool. All of the NexusRoute commands are available from within the Laker environment.

Pyxis and Silicon Canvas are demonstrating the integration to a live audience at the 12th Annual OpenAccess Conference on April 16th at the Doubletree Hotel, San Jose. If you can’t make it to San Jose, contact the vendors directly for further information.

Pyxis Technology
www.pyxistech.com Silicon Canvas
www.sicanvas.com OpenAccess Conference

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