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Quad 6-Bit DAC's Low Current Draw Improves System Reliability And Costs

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Operating at a supply current as low as one-fourth that of earlier devices, the MC144112 is a quad, 6-bit D/A converter that improves system reliability and lowers total system costs. The converter can be used in applications with a single supply voltage as low as 2.7V and requires a supply current of as little as 0.3 mA for each DAC. A standby mode decreases supply current to a few microamps when the DACs are at full-scale output. Because the device operates at lower voltage and current, it may allow the use of fewer batteries in portable applications. It's also better suited to lithium battery power.The converter offers direct R-2R ladder network outputs, and it also offers a digital serial data output- the latter is ideal for cascading the DACs and can be fed directly into the serial input data port of the next DAC. Samples are available from stock.

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