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Quarter-Inch Coax Cable Conforms To Tight Bends And Curves

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With the addition of a 1/4" O.D. member, the high-performance Conformable Coax cable family further revs up its challenge to semi-rigid coax cables. Allowing installers to hand-shape it into tight bends, coils and curves without using forming tools and equipment, the Belden 1675A 0.250" (0.245" actual nominal diameter) Conformable Coax is said to be easier to work with than comparable semi-rigid cable, to never buckle when reformed or flexed, and also to deliver the longest flex life of any hand-formable coaxial cable available today. The new, 50 ohm, RG-401-type coax cable has a 14 AWG solid center conductor composed of 0.065" diameter silver-coated copper. The insulation is TFE Teflon; a copper-tin composite is used to provide 100% shielding coverage; and the cable is sweep-tested to 18 GHz to ensure consistent high quality and low VSWR. Said to be ideal for "black box" applications involving internal wiring of electronic equipment, delay lines, radar, avionics, and other high-frequency applications, the 0.250" Conformable Coax cable can be purchased in spools of 50, 100, 250 and 500 feet.

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