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Radio Modem Transmits From RS-232 Or µP Port

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Reported as being completely transparent to the host system, the HM4410 radio modem is capable of transmitting data from an RS-232 or microprocessor (µP) port over a 12.5 or 25 kHz radio channel. The serial data is converted to four-level multilevel or bi-phase code, sent over the radio link, and reconverted to TTL/CMOS or RS-232. A synchronous RX-bit clock is included on the receiver side. Measuring 1.86" x 0.9" x 0.25" and weighing less than 1 oz., supply voltage ranges from 5V to 10V with a current draw of 18 mA. Usable with other radios, the modem was specifically designed for deployment with the company’s 35 and 70 series mini radio modules. Price is under $100 each in small quantities. For further information, contact Steven J. Beeferman at HM RADIO TECHNOLOGY INC., Atlanta, GA. (678) 530-0252.

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