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Record Heads Cram 30 GB On Mini-DV Cassettes

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These digital recording heads are designed to provide high-definition movie storage on low-cost digital cassettes used for digital-video (DV) storage. Camcorders and VCRs equipped with these heads reportedly produce high-quality digital movies and photos with a resolution that matches film quality. Up to 100 GB of non-compressed data can be stored on a Mini-DV digital cassette that normally has a non-compressed data capacity of 30 GB. The new technology allows data to be recorded on very narrow tracks of less than 5 µm in width. The heads use a batch process on silicon wafers, as opposed to conventional heads that are micro-machined individually, to produce high-precision poles on each head with what is claimed to be perfect alignment and integrated azimuth angle. The silicon acts as a support and the silicon oxide as an insulator similar to an integrated circuit. This process allows integrated solenoid coils to be produced with no limits on the number of turns. Heads with 40 turns and a resistance of less than 8 ohms are available and can be used in either helical or linear recording systems.

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