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Regulator Requires Only 1-µF Output Capacitor

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The MAX1810 is an uninterrupted, 3.3V smart regulator for PCI-compliant network interface cards (NICs) that requires an output capacitor having a value of only 1 µF. Current rating is up to 500 mA from a 5V supply, a 5V standby supply, or 3.3V auxiliary supply. When both main and standby supplies drop below 4.1V, an internal switch connects the PCI system's 3.3V auxiliary input to the output. The internal switch resistance is only 0.18 ohms, minimizing voltage droop from the auxiliary supply. The device is available in a compact, high-power eight-pin SOP capable of dissipating up to 0.9W. Pricing starts from $1.25 each/1, 000.

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