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Remote I/O System Operates Independent Of Fieldbus

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Installed between a central control and remote location, this remote I/O system is used in conjunction with a PLC or other controller, or can be used as a standalone device between two locations to multiplex I/O signals without a PLC or other controller. The WMS-C Series Field Bus Independent Remote I/O System converts up to 32 I/Os per module to a two-wire twisted pair and allows easy installation, configuration and maintenance. The WMS series connector permits eight channels per I/O group, up to 32 I/O per module, and a maximum of 480 discrete I/O on a single twisted pair. Wiring inside the control panel is connected to the terminals of firm's multi-pole connector block adaptor, available in screw clamp and crimp contact versions. Modules are rated for 24 vdc and 8 mA nominal output with outputs of -0.5V and 0.5A per channel.

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