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Remote Source Meter Provides Sub-Femtoamp Sensitivity

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Combining the voltage and current sourcing and measurement functions of the firm's SourceMeter product family, along with the sensitivity and high input resistance associated with electrometers, the Model 6430 sub-femtoamp remote SourceMeter can reportedly detect current changes as small as 4 x 10-16 amperes. It can make measurements at speeds as high as 2000 readings/s. And on the nanoamp ranges, currents can be measured in as little at 5 ns. The meter can measure femtoamp-level currents at resolutions down to hundreds of attoamps and can measure low-level voltages with microvolt resolution. A small, remote preamplifier makes it possible to locate the preamp at the source of current, minimizing cable noise that can reduce measurement sensitivity.Other key features of the instrument include: 0.4Apk-pk noise; resistance measurements using Source V/Measure I or Source I/Measure V; fast measurements of up to 2000 readings/s that can be stored in the unit's memory buffer; high-speed pass/fail testing in less than 1.1 ms per device; resolution up to 6 1/2 digits; and more.

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