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Repeater/Converter Extends Maximum SCSI Bus Distance

Designed to operate at speeds of 160 MB/s, the multi-mode Low-Voltage Differential (LVD) Ultra-160 SCSI repeater/converter extends the maximum allowable distance of a SCSI bus by 100% in a balanced system that has an equal number of devices on both sides of the repeater/converter. It also connects older, single-ended SCSI devices to the LVD Ultra-160 SCSI bus without degrading the performance of the Ultra-160 SCSI devices on the bus. The repeater/converter includes an ac power adapter and is fitted with two female SCSI connectors for integration between two SCSI buses and a female-to-male adapter is also available. For pricing information, contact DATAMATEPRODUCTS, Chicago, IL. (708) 867-6777.

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