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RF Connectors Terminate Coax Cables

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With the ability to easily terminate coaxial cables in one step, the RF BNC and TNC connectors incorporate a single-piece inner assembly that terminates the center conductor and braid of coax cables used in aviation and military equipment, as well as in instruments and communications equipment. With a cable retention strength of up to 200 lb., the connectors are said to create a robust soldered and insulated termination on 50- and 75-ohm cables. They utilize firm's SolderSleeve and SolderShield termination technology to provide a fluxed solder delivery system inside a transparent, heat-shrinkable sleeve. When heated, the solder melts and the sleeve shrinks to create a connection that is fully insulated and strain-relieved. The connectors are supplied with an adhesive-lined, heat-shrinkable sleeve that seals the termination against moisture and provides added strain relief.

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