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RF Design Environment Gains Improved User Interface

Version 2008 of AWR’s Microwave Office design environment includes more than 100 enhancements and sweeping changes to the user interface that dramatically increase its flexibility for the user. Features such as project, elements, layout tabs, and the status window are now fully dockable and floatable, providing a design environment that is fully configurable to suit personal preferences. Thanks to this added flexibility, design tasks are streamlined while usable screen space is maximized, which provides greater insight into the design and allows bigger designs to be handled more quickly.

Microwave Office software Version 2008 also now includes enhancements to its open environment, including an interface to the popular ICED IC design and verification software tool in addition to the existing Mentor Graphics' Calibre software. It also incorporates improvements to the EM Socket for seamless plug and play with third-party EM tools as well as to AWR's own ACE and AXIEM technologies.

In other enhancements, the ACE automatic circuit extraction tool now provides automatic interconnect modeling of transmission lines and the ability to tune, optimize, and perform yield analysis, while the optional AXIEM planar 3D EM analysis provides upfront design optimization and post-layout verification.

The suite’s APLAC harmonic balance and optional time-domain simulators improve the performance of highly nonlinear and complex designs. There’s also support for parameterized subcircuit layouts as part of the overall design, including tuning, optimization, and yield analysis. Finally, new plotting capabilities allow a measurement to be plotted versus any other measurement, such as power-added efficiency versus output power.

Version 2008 of the Microwave Office design environment is available now. Contact AWR directly for pricing and delivery information.


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