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Electronic Design

RF Design Tool Helps Engineers Architect Comm Systems

A system-level architectural planning tool, RFA, includes an advanced RF budget analysis feature and "frequency heritage inspection" capabilities to help designers determine initial specifications for next-generation communication systems. This entry-level product complements the company's Visual System Simulator (VSS) design suite.

A key component of RFA is the RF Budget Analysis feature, which lets designers make traditional RF cascaded measurements such as gain, noise figure, and third-order intercept, including image noise, along a communication link. Another component of RFA, the RF Inspector technology, is a new frequency-domain simulation tool that helps determine the root cause or heritage of any intermodulation product of an RF link. It includes the effects of conversions, harmonics, intermodulation, and noise. This enables users to isolate the sources of unwanted interference and to better architect their RF systems. The combination of RFA and VSS allows engineering teams to analyze and simulate their designs and incorporate complex modulation sources and receivers with the same RF link created in RFA, employing the same RF link created in RFA.


A beta version of the RFA software will be available in Q3 2006. The full production release is scheduled for Q1 2007.


Prices for the RFA package start at $4000 a year, depending on configuration.



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