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RF EDA Software Is Packaged For Specific Tasks

A set of four Genesys EDA software packages from Agilent Technologies are tailored to allow linear, nonlinear, and electromagnetic rf system simulation and rf synthesis to fit within most designers' budgets without sacrificing design capabilities. Genesys is an integrated EDA solution for rf and microwave component and subsystem designers who want design tools that focus exclusively on their design task.

The four new packages include:

  • Genesys Core, which contains the schematic environment, layout, linear simulation, optimization/Monte Carlo analysis, and data post-processing for high-yield microwave linear design;
  • Genesys Designer Pro, which add all eight passive and active circuit synthesis modules for rf circuit design;
  • Genesys Nonlinear Pro, which adds harmonic balance and planar EM simulation to Genesys Core to enable true nonlinear transceiver design; and
  • Genesys Comms Pro, which adds the Spectrasys and WhatIF rf architecture tools to Genesys Core to allow high-performance rf system design.

The company also announced a fifth tool suite, Genesys Integrated, which combines all the Genesys environment and simulation modules into an easy-to-use software platform (see the Figure). All of the new configurations include the first 12 months of software maintenance, including technical support and such software upgrades as the next Genesys release, planned for March 2007.


The Genesys EDA software is available now.


Prices for the Genesys software start at $3995.


Visit www.eagleware.com/genesys_intro_p.html.

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