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RF Splitter/Combiner Eyes Apps In Broadband Cable Systems

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Said to provide minimal signal loss while maintaining high signal isolation across a 5-to-1000 MHz bandwidth, the CX4002 two-way, RF splitter/combiner is well-suited for use in interactive broadband cable communication systems, including cable network amplifiers and nodes, cable modems, set-top boxes, Internet appliances, and cable telephony. As a splitter, the CX4002 is used to divide one RF signal into two matched outputs, while as a combiner, the device joins two signals to form a single output. The splitter/combiner also boasts a voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of 1.1:1 over the full frequency range and excellent isolation (30 dB typ. to 400 MHz; 21 dB typ. to 1000 MHz). Other features of the device include compact, 0.310" x 0.255" size, ceramic base, cover for pick-and-place compatibility, and an ability to withstand the 235°C peak temperature of IR reflow soldering processes. Price: $3.90 each/10K.

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