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RF/Microwave System Analyzer Packs Three Instruments In One

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A synthesized signal source, a three-input scalar analyzer and a synthesized spectrum analyzer can all be found in the 6800 Microwave System Analyzer Series instruments, which are claimed as the world's most comprehensive RF and microwave component and subsystem analyzers. The signal source can be used as a simple CW output, as a swept source for network measurements, or as a tracking generator with any frequency offset. By generating a signal at the input frequency and analyzing at the output frequency, the 6800 Series analyzers allow complex measurements to be made easily.The unit sweeps in real time so that subsystems can be quickly aligned and tuned across the whole band, rather than at a few spot frequencies. As a result, subsystems are fully characterized and frequency dropouts and resonances are caught. Eight models range from 3 GHz to 24 GHz.

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