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Ribbon Cables Seek Work In Space Limited Applications

Encapsulated with U.L.-approved PVC tubing, with additional protection available in the form of polyolefin heat-shrink tubing, this new family of flat ribbon cables has been optimized for use in high-density and rack-mount servers, data storage cabinets, and inside any other internal unit where space is at premium and ventilation air flow must be maximized. Other features such as pull tabs, ferrite cores and unique cable markings are also available.Currently, the cables are offered for the following industry-standard internal cabling systems: 34-pin floppy/CD-ROM connections; 40-pin IDE; 80-conductor, 40-pin Ultra ATA 66/100 terminations; and 50-pin Narrow, 68-pin Wide and 68-pin Ultra 160 SCSI connections. In addition, any configuration of internal flat cables packing from 20 to 6028-AWG wires is also available. For more details and pricing, contact Treacy Sommer at OASIS COMPUTER PRODUCTS INC., San Diego, CA. (858) 279-7400, ext. 102.

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