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RISC-Based Embedded Processor Targets SOPC Integration

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Introduced as the industry's first general-purpose RISC-based and embedded processor core optimized specifically for programmable logic, the Nios core is claimed to be configurable and scalable. It also provides a flexible and highly robust system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) solution for system integration. The new core is included as part of the Excalibur development kit that features the company's MegaWizard interface. Using the interface, designers can map a system and configure memory and peripherals. The embedded processor core can be extended by adding conventional memory-mapped peripherals on-chip, mapping readable/writeable devices into the processor's register file, or by adding user-designed function blocks directly into the processor's ALU. The Excalibur development kit with the Nios embedded processor core is available now and is priced at $995.

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