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Rotor Wiper Kits Are Tiny, Tough, Reliable

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Billed as “Do it yourself” potentiometer element and rotor wiper assemblies, the units are said to achieve 100,000,000 revolutions minimum. Actual thickness is only .187". No shaft housings or bearings are needed, so they take up about half the space of standard size potentiometers. By reducing redundant packaging, users can reduce system space and weight and packaging costs. According to the company, the assemblies can run continuously at 4 rpm, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and last for 50 years minimum. The assembly kits include the element shaft, shaft insulator, rotor assembly and assembly instructions. Kits can be customized with virtually any diameter, resistance, linearity, thickness or electrical angle required. Pricing is about $25 each/1,000. JDK CONTROLS, Grass Valley, CA. (530) 273-4608.

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