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Router Boosts Analog Routing Productivity For Matched Devices

Laying out matching devices in custom analog circuits is an error-prone, time-consuming job that can kill analog design yield. Such devices can comprise up to 40% of the devices in a circuit. Silicon Canvas’ matching device router, Laker-MDR, facilitates the special routing requirements of analog-matching devices and automatically generates electrically equivalent routes free of design-rule errors. Customer benchmarks using Laker-MDR demonstrate productivity increases of eight-to 10-times when compared to traditional methods, it’s claimed.

In order for devices to match electrically, the physical layout requires close proximity and interconnect (routing) that is electrically identical while still meeting a myriad of constraints and advanced design rules. Laker-MDR honors a broad range of constraints while automatically generating routing for matched devices free of design-rule errors.

By using special layout techniques analog designers can minimize the effects of process variability on matched devices. Common methods include the use of folded or multi-fingered transistors; splitting transistors into multiple gates with symmetrical; offset segments and identical layout; adding dummy gates; and sometimes all of the above. The Laker-L3 (layout) tool has specialized software for generating these kinds of layouts. Then Laker-MDR is used to provide the matched device routing.

Laker-MDR is an option to the Laker design-driven layout (DDL) suite of automated custom layout software that includes the Laker Constraint Editor/Extractor; a constraint-driven Custom Placer; and custom router software for analog layout designs.

Laker- MDR is available now and starts at $37,500 for a one year TBL.

Silicon Canvas Inc.

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