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RTOS For Embedded Applications Is Ported To M-CORE Processors

A lightweight, portable real-time operating system is available as a full-source, royalty-free kernel for deeply embedded products. The Ariel RTOS is currently ported to Motorola's popular M-CORE processors and supports Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 development hosts. Other architectural ports are to be announced. Applications for the RTOS include machine and process control, signal processing, cell phones, intelligent communication devices, and on-line image enhancement. Features of the operating system include task management, time and time-of-day, event flags, message exchanges, semaphores and controlled shared variables, signals, memory pools, physical I/O and device driver architecture, and more. For M-CORE development, the RTOS is supported by SDS's SingleStep debugger and Diab Data'sD-CC and D-C++ compilers and the RTA Suite. There's an evaluation CD available with extensive documentation, a configuration wizard, libraries, utilities, and tutorials.

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