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Rubidium Frequency Standard Includes Direct Digital Synthesizer

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The Model 2955AR rubidium frequency standard integrates a direct digital synthesizer that locks on to the internal rubidium oscillator. The standard provides any frequency between 100 Hz and 30 MHz in 1 Hz steps with atomic clock accuracy and stability. And it can be set to frequencies of 1.544 MHz T1, 2.048 MHz E1, 13 MHz GSM, 1.2288 MHz CDMA, and up to 30 MHz without re-configuration or re-calibration. Fixed outputs are at 10MHz, 1MHz and 1 pps with 5 MHz offered as an option. The synthesized output can be preset to a specified frequency or programmed in the field via ASCII commands, which are saved in non-volatile EEPROM over an RS-232 interface. Other features include a monthly stability of ±5 x 10-1 and a warm-up time of less than 10 minutes to ±1 x 10-9. Price: $4,950. NOVATEC INSTRUMENTS INC., Seattle, WA. (206) 363-4367.

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